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Hello Festival and Club Bookers:

61 GHOSTS is pushing tradition into the future! This visionary Duo is the new voice of Alternative Blues. Their fusion of Mississippi Hill Country Blues with Primal rock brings the Mississippi Delta into focus as the forbearer of Rock and Roll.

61 GHOSTS is gritty rocker Joe Mazzari of Johnny Thunders’ New York Dolls and Two Saints fame and bare-knuckled drummer Dixie Deadwood, longtime beat behind the late blues legend Leo “Bud” Welch.

Discover the unique Alt-blues genre of 61 GHOSTS; they will be a highlight of your festival.

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Joe Mazzari, guitar, lead vocals
Joe Mazzari began writing roots-rock music in his 20s, influenced by John Hiatt, Bob Dylan, Link Wray, Rory Gallagher and the Delta blues musicians. Caught up in the Boston rock scene in the 1980s, Joe recorded a handful of albums/CDs and toured the U.S. and U.K. 
Joe fronted The Daughters, Two Saints, Jacknife Beat, and the Joe Mazzari Band. He also recorded and toured with Johnny Thunders of the NY Dolls and the Heartbreakers fame for three years, and appeared on three of Johnny's albums. Joe had the good fortune to record with legendary producer Jimmy Miller (Rolling Stones, Traffic and Motorhead) and John Peel of BBC fame. Combining a touch of raunchy rock with his roots-rock music in the early 2000s, Joe gravitated back to his raw original style. He recorded “Chasing 61 Ghosts”, released in 2011, with the Joe Mazzari Band, taking it on the road with touring musicians.

Dixie, drummer, back-up vocals
After stumbling upon a film documentary called “Deep Blues” and hearing, for the first time, Mississippi hill country blues legends Junior Kimbrough and R.L. Burnside, it changed her life so much, Dixie vowed to teach herself to play drums in the style of her newly found heroes. In 2008 Dixie joined the hill country blues band All Night Long that produced three albums. Dixie became Leo Bud Welch’s drummer in 2013 has performed in over 20 festivals in the US, Europe and Africa. She is featured in a documentary on Leo Bud Welch, "Late Blossom Blues-The Leo "Bud" Welch Documentary" a gospel blues musician and guitarist, to be released late 2016.  Sam Carr, Willie “Big Eyes” Smith and Calvin Jackson (Cedric Burnside’s father) continue to impact her style of drumming. Dixie is on the artist roster for Peridore Custom Sticks
and plays TAMA drums.

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