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1.  Moanin’ TIme In Arkansas (5:57) Strange Hawk Music
2.  Baby’s Caught A Train (3:29) (BMI) ARC Music Corp
3.  Love Doctor (5:55) (BMI) RITW Publishing
4.  Drug Hole (4:49) (BMI) RITW Publishing
5.  Don't Bring it on Home (4:52) (BMI) RITW Publishing
6.  Makin Ends Meet (5:32) (BMI) LeoRox2 Publishing
7.  Fever (4:23) (BMI) RITW Publishing
8.  Your Love (2:33) (BMI) RITW Publishing
9.  Betty's Kitchen (4:23) (BMI) RITW Publishing
10. Biscuits (4:15) (BMI) RITW Publishing

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Darrell Raines, Guitars

George Caldwell, Bass

Dr. Bob, Drums

Pix E, Harmonica


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1. Moanin’ Time In Arkansas
Lyrics by Hawk Freeman Arrangement by Darrell Raines
Recorded at Spectrum Recording Studios, Pompano Beach, FL
Engineer: Zach Ziskin
2. Baby’s Caught A Train
(BMI) Howlin Wolf, ARC Music Corp
3. Love Doctor (BMI) RITW
4. Born In A Drug Hole
5. Don’t Bring It On Home
6. Makin Ends Meet
Lyrics by Leo Gale & Music by Darrell Raines
7. Fever
8. Your Love
9. Betty’s Kitchen
Lyrics and Music by Darrell Raines & George Caldwell
RITW: Rain In The Well Music
Recorded at Little Pink Studios and D.r. Brown Sound
Engineer: David Brown
Mastered at 42nd Street Studios, Oakland Park, FL
Engineer: Marc Loren

Produced by Jim Nestor and Leo Gale for Bluzpik Rekerdz
Layout and Design by Jim Nestor for Bluzpik Rekerdz
Cover, Back, Inside Photos by Enid B. Decker
Insert Photo by Mike Hopkins for Gerlinde Photography