Ruf Records Recording Artist, Jeremiah Johnson, 4X Top 10 Billboard Blues Artist,
2022 Blues Music Award Nominee  On tour in Florida 2/10/2023 to 2/19/2023
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Muddy Black Water

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The current band includes Johnson’s driving guitar, an added dimension with the addition of former Devon Allman percussionist Tony Antonelli on drums, the groove goes all over the map with Paul Niehaus IV delivering a thunderous performance on bass and keys.

#1 BILLBOARD BLUES CHARTS - ORDER "HEAVENS TO BETSY" NOW!  Heavens to Betsy is currently on the  Roots Music Radio Blues chart. 
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Here is a little article about "Heavens to Betsy":
Some artists need smoke and mirrors. All Jeremiah Johnson needs are songs. In the age of manufactured pop, the acclaimed St. Louis bandleader is a beacon of time-honored songcraft, writing on acoustic guitar, digging deep for raw lyrics and insisting on studio production that bottles the sweat of his shows. The approach might sound old-school, but on latest record Heavens To Betsy, the result is some of the most vital music of the new decade.

Released in 2020 on Ruf Records, Heavens To Betsy is another bold creative leap for an artist on fire. It’s been just two years since Straitjacket hit #6 on the Billboard Blues Album chart and scored rave reviews across the board (Blues Blast: “This is grade-A primo stuff”). It was the cherry on top of Johnson’s triumphant early career, following up 2014’s Grind, 2016’s varied Blues Heart Attack, and the confessional Ride The Blues documentary.  

Unemployed Highly Annoyed

But while Johnson is rightly proud of that early catalogue – and still serves up house-rocking takes on the Straitjacket material each night – he’s always kept one eye on the horizon. “On Heavens To Betsy, I wanted to try something different than any of my previous releases. I really took the ‘song first’ concept and got back to my roots in blues-based Southern rock.”

The specter of the US South can be felt in every fiery lick and blue-collar observational lyric. Yet Heavens To Betsy is no exercise in autopilot roadhouse blues.

Confident that his band could handle whatever he threw at them in Memphis’s High/Low Recording studio, Heavens To Betsy represents Johnson’s boldest writing yet. Try White Lightning, the lyric penned from the perspective of a struggling Southern farmer, powered by money-lick sax and wah pedal. Try the doubled licks of Tornado, its lyric saluting a wildcat lover (“She’s a hot cup of coffee on a bumpy road”). Or put your foot down with the hard-driving Castles In The Air and American Steel: a salute to the joy of the US freeway.

Nobody does escapism better, but Johnson stands apart with his eloquence on more poignant topics. “Leo Stone is about the overwhelming joy I had while my fiancée was in the final stages of her pregnancy,” he says of this open-hearted, country-flavored highlight, named for his new-born son. “Long Way Home is about my grandmother, who suffered terribly from dementia, and the story of the last time she remembered who I was. Forever And A Day was written while I was away from my family on a European tour. Sometimes it can seem like an eternity.”

Like all the best records, Heavens To Betsy didn’t come easy. Johnson tells of long days under producer Pete Matthews, sometimes catching the spark in the first take, sometimes at the end of a twelve-hour day. “Recording this record was absolutely the most intense experience I’ve ever had in a studio. Good enough was not an option. But I’m extremely thankful that Pete pushed everyone to get the best out of every performance.”

These songs deserved nothing less. On Heavens To Betsy, Jeremiah Johnson has delivered on his mission statement – and then some – with a record that demands to soundtrack the moments of life that matter. “I want this record to be something you’ll want to crank up when you’re with your friends and celebrating life,” he considers. “I want people to throw this record in the stereo and get a kick in the ass…”

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Born and raised in St. Louis, Jeremiah Johnson is the voice of Mississippi River blues blending with the struggles of everyday life. He began learning guitar at age 6, drawing inspiration from his rich St. Louis blues heritage and legendary guitarists, like Alvin Lee, Eric Clapton and Hank Williams Sr. and Jr. With these influences, Johnson began building his musical foundation.

After relocating to Houston, TX, in 1999, Johnson finished in first place for three consecutive years at the Houston Regional Blues Challenges, sponsored by the Houston Blues Society. Johnson returned to St. Louis in 2009, and merged Texas style with STL blues to create the unique sound you hear today. The 10 years Johnson lived and performed in Texas changed his musical style in ways you can still hear in his music today. In 2011, Johnson was the proud winner of the St. Louis Blues Society IBC Challenge and went on to the semifinals to represent St. Louis in Memphis, TN. One year later, Sirius XM's B.B. King’s Bluesville picked up the Jeremiah Johnson Band, where they can be heard nationwide, and they have been playing his music ever since. You can also hear Jeremiah Johnson on Touch Tunes Jukeboxes in bars/clubs across the US and on radio stations around the world. In September 2014, Johnson filmed his docu-concert, Ride the Blues, directed by Australian Producer/Director Gary Glenn, at the historic Capitol Theater in downtown Burlington, IA. The film is live music video about Johnson’s rise to prominence, featuring intimate interview segments, still photography, guitar solos and stunning vocals. Donations from concert attendees were generously given to the theater and to the National Blues Museum, connecting Johnson’s roles of musician and music advocate. 2014 Johnson records Grind, produced by Devon Allman, features Grammy award winner Yonrico Scott on drums. Grind has been featured on SiriusXM's B.B. King’s Bluesville, and on the international radio show “Confessing the Blues”, broadcasting on 50 stations in 10 countries worldwide. Grind reached the #8 slot on the Billboard Blues Charts the week of November 7th, 2015.

Johnson follows the success of Grind with a self-produced release, Blues Heart Attack, released worldwide on July 22, 2016. This unique record is a blend of Johnson’s entire musical career. “It’s a combination of our earlier works, and then Grind,” he explained. “There’s horns and keyboard reminiscent of Brand Spankn’ Blues, but also some heavy guitar driven tracks. It’s the evolution of everything in a Blues Heart Attack.” Special guest performers include Tom ‘Papa’ Ray on harmonica, and Nathan Hershey on keys. Blues Heart Attack reached #5 on the Billboard Blues Charts following its release in 2016.

After signing a record deal with Ruf Records in March of 2018, Jeremiah immediately went to Texas to record his debut Ruf Records release, Straitjacket, with BMA award winning Mike Zito producing. Straitjacket debuted #1 on iTunes New Blues Releases and #6 on Billboard Blues Album Chart and has been in the top of the Roots Music Report ever since. After a European tour with Mike Zito in the Beginning of 2019 and then followed by a Northeastern USA tour with Zito again, Johnson has truly electrified a whole new audience.


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Straitjacket by Jeremiah Johnson on Ruf Records

Bonneville Shuffle by Jeremiah Johnson on Ruf Records

"Skip That Stone" from the album BLUES HEART ATTACK




Jeremiah Johnson CD Reviews/Press/Radio

“What makes Johnson’s music worth its salt is that it’s honest, and it’s real. No white-washing, glossing over, or glitzy production; no sir, just stories about people living their lives that hits home.”

- American Blues Scene

Jeremiah Johnson has been writing original music for decades and continues to polish his art through consistent rehearsals and tireless touring. Though born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, he seasoned his songwriting by spending a decade on the Gulf Coast of Texas, working hard at making a name for himself as an original blues artist. Boasting a five-album discography, Johnson can deliver original southern blues-rock all night long. Johnsons' world class band is well known for being one of the tightest live acts on any stage and can put on a show that you won't soon forget.

“Straight up, honest American blues rock music. Jeremiah’s writing is passionate and from the heart.” 
- National Rock Review


"The Canal Bank Shuffle has been bringing the best in blues to our annual 4-day festival for 14 years. I can say in all honesty, that few of the international artists received the rave reviews that were heaped upon Jeremiah Johnson by our loyal and knowledgeable blues audience. We invited him back immediately after his first show. In each case, his performance was electric, powerful and tons of fun for the crowds. Jeremiah was also professional, friendly prompt and outgoing with fans. We would not hesitate to invite him back and recommend him to any blues venue that wants a guaranteed killer show!"
- Bob Liddycoat, Canal Bank Shuffle Blues Festival, Thorold, Ontario, Canada

"It is very easy to say nice things about Jeremiah and the Jeremiah Johnson Band because they are easy to work with and truly professional artists. The band is tight and hard working with a great stage presence that you can only get from talented artists who really enjoy and love what they are doing. I would say to other festival promoters if you are looking to bring a band that people in your area may not know of yet, then bring in the Jeremiah Johnson Band and your attendees will not be disappointed. The JJB is one you want to hear over and over again!!
- Kevin Barry, Bonita Blues Festival, Bonita Springs, FL

“Jeremiah Johnson has great original material he has written, kills it on guitar, and is a fine distinctive vocalist. Do you know how rare in the blues game that trifecta is these days?”
- Tom "Papa" Ray, Harmonica/ St. Louis blues icon

"Jeremiah's voice is like another instrument in the group and displays a maturity gained from his travels through the Deep South and Gulf Coast. When these guys got together, genuine music magic happened! Sit in on one set, and you'll have a new favorite group to follow!"
- Robert Molinary

"As I am well into my second decade of producing and promoting Blues concerts around the world, it still is a magical experience for me to find an artist who was not on my radar screen and whose talent just knocks my socks off. Such is the case with Jeremiah Johnson."
- Steve Simon, Steve Simon Presents

"I heard Jeremiah Johnson on Bluesville, the song was 'Black and Blue', and the interplay between horns, guitar and vocals set the mood, I instantly loved it! I knew if this band could pull this off live they would steal the festival and THEY DID! This band is going places and I am proud to say I brought them to the White Mountain Boogie on the East Coast FIRST! DO NOT miss the chance to see them live!"
- Brad Benton, producer of the "Boogie", the 2012 KBA Recipient for Best US Blues Festival


Heavens to Betsy Released 2/14/20



“Jeremiah Johnson is the real deal, a honky-tonk hero for the blues just like Waylon was for outlaw country.”
Goldmine Magazine on Straitjacket 2018

“What makes Johnson’s music worth its salt is that it’s honest, and it’s real. No white-washing, glossing over, or glitzy production; no sir, just stories about people living their lives that hits home.”
American Blues Scene on Straitjacket 2018

"Jeremiah Johnson delivers biting blues rock with his commanding guitar attack bolstered by his hearty pipes and a crack backing band... This is grade ‘A’ primo stuff." Blues Blast Magazine on Straitjacket 2018

"His soul has remained true to his blues roots, and, if you don’t dig “Straitjacket,” you must have that proverbial hole in your soul!" Bmans Blues Report on Straitjacket 2018

“A hard charging Texas blues rocker finds it's not corny to clean up, get political and aware and punch that message out. A heavy hitter that has rubbed interesting elbows and climbed to the top of various blues mountains, he charges up his show band here for a date that blows the ears open wide, and will do so live, well into the night. Hot stuff that shows no weakness anywhere, this white boy with the blues is keeping the future of the form in good hands. “
Midwest Record on Straitjacket 2018

“Straight up, honest American blues rock music. Jeremiah’s writing is passionate and from the heart.”
National Rock Review 2018 on Straitjacket



"If Jeremiah Johnson’s music were any greasier he could retire and open a one-stop soul food and oil change joint. The fully electrified blues and Southern rock of last year’s Blues Heart Attack belongs in the collection of any fan of contemporary guitar-slingers, though Johnson also has a killer way with honky-tonk shuffles and boogie woogie grooves, not to mention New Orleans-flavored dance-floor starters like “Everybody Party.” Yet for all the hot guitar work, in-the-pocket rhythms, and slinky organ and horn charts, it’s Johnson’s voice that makes him such a compelling performer and recording artist. His twang is lived, just like his blues, and he never sounds less than convincing."
-Roy Kasten, Riverfront Times RFT's STL77 June 2017 on BHA

"BLUES HEART ATTACK is not your everyday blues/rock effort. It’s a cut above, thanks to the inspired songwriting and spirited performances from Jeremiah Johnson and the band. This release should please fans of several musical genres."
- Phoenix Blues Society on BHA

"BLUES HEART ATTACK captures the band’s high-energy blues and southern rock attack in top form."
- Blues Bytes on BHA

"Produced by the band along with Jason McIntire, BLUES HEART ATTACK is a crisp, muscular sounding blues record with a healthy dose of nasty in the grooves. This isn’t really the kind of record to throw on and mellow to, it’s what you put on when you want to party or get some sh** done. Good stuff." - Rock Doctor Music Reviews on BHA

"An entertainer as well as a musician, Johnson is way more than a white boy with the blues--Johnson is staking out his turf as the leading light of workingman's blues mixing rock, blues, shredding and raw emotion into a heady brew that might be just a touch too dark for the average business major." - Midwest Record on BHA

"The Jeremiah Johnson Band are the real deal; they encapsulate blues-rock at its best. This album will hopefully prove to be a springboard to take them out of their native St. Louis and establish the band on the international blues circuit, a place worthy of a group with such talent." National Rock Review on BHA

"[Jeremiah Johnson] wrote all of the songs on the 12-track release, which has a great beginning with the song, Mind Reader, with its fiery guitar licks opening and Benet Schaeffer laying down the drum beat that sets the pace that captured my interest from the first listen, as [Johnson] has a honeyed raw whiskey-edged voice and a captivating writing and guitar playing style." - Luxury Experience on BHA

"If Eric Clapton were to hire a house band for his Crossroads festival, Jeremiah Johnson would be the perfect candidate... It’s tough for a guitarist to make a fresh statement treading the same earth as giants like Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan, but the Jeremiah Johnson Band succeeds, fueled by confident, flexible musicianship and a palpable adoration for the music they play."
- That Music Mag on BHA

"The Jeremiah Johnson Band deliver a well-rounded album filled with original tracks that are unmistakably influenced by a plethora of different blues traditions. Jeremiah’s singing is raw and emotive. You can feel his love of craft and if his vocals do not convince you, then the top-notch guitar playing will."
- Blues Rock Review on BHA